11 December 2008

Hello everybody!

My name is Ceylan (that’s my pen name) and this is my blog.  This blog will be about my road to my fantasy novella book’s publication.  Also, if you guys want, I can post back stories of characters and some earlier stories that will not be in print.  So message me if you want it seen.




2 thoughts on “11 December 2008

  1. I would love a little back story. And are you published yet? I’d love to read some, just from what I’ve read here.
    Good luck!

  2. Unfortunately, I am not published as of yet. I have some pieces under my real name on Teen Ink…I have sent one submission when I thought that I was ready with my work, the publisher was a-argus. I received an e-mail at 8:10 at night, apparently my work was in discussion. (YAY!) They loved it, but it “was not what they were looking for” (BOO!) I figure, if it was in discussion and they send me an e-mail late at night, it must be good, right?

    As for the back story, under the Legends page, I will put in the Creation Story, for my book, that is the only back story the reader gets. I’ll outline the first book without giving too much away.

    Thanks for commenting.


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