16 December 2008

Hey guys,

So I just found out, that in order for my story to move along I need to develop certain characters.  I have been trying to work on it without getting the reader too sympathetic because these characters are, for lack of better wording, “the bad guys”.  Any advice here?



4 thoughts on “16 December 2008

  1. Describe who they are and do not worry about whether the reader will, or will not, sympathize. Let your characters do their own convincing or “irritating”. They are who they are and will be who they will become. Just make them and their stories interesting.

    Unless, of course, you are writing a story with a moral, rather than just telling story….

  2. Thanks for the advice. From my extremely vague explanations, character B’s name is Zili. She has….issues trusting others, which she is slowly coming out of. She is working on saving the worlds. The volunteers in her unit are working for the antagonist, Lady Amelia. One, Eztli, the Gazer of Death, is flirting with her, and she is falling for it, hook, line, and “sinker”. He is really adept at seeing and knowing when people are going to die. He is getting information from her because she knows secrets about Whithith and the worlds that no one else does. She also has the Amulet of Arslania, a piece that has the power to contact the Subelementalites, the four powerful beings that created Whithith.

  3. all i know is that it’s really fun to let your good characters turn bad. for me it went the other way, the character that attacked my main one turned good. it’s certainly interesting to watch your characters take over. :]

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