17 December 2008

I’ve moved on with writing a bit…I am following my outline, but the time-skips in between the characters and important events is hard to plan exactly when.  There is so much that I want to happen, but I don’t know what to put before or after, everything is important, and I know that order is even more important.  At this point that I am at right now, I have one character, let’s call him “A” that is going to go onto one last quest.  Once he goes on this quest, he meets character “C” that is traveling south.  Soon after, he sees character “B” that is traveling north.  I don’t want him to start on that yet.  There is so much that characters “B” and “C” have to do.  But I need something in between these two characters, otherwise it would be time skip, scene, time skip, scene.  Personally, that is annoying.  I’ll try my best to get the story moving.  Sorry if I am being vague, it’s a nasty habit of mine.



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