20 December 2008

Hey guys,

Today, I finished a chapter, I’m thrilled!  I also feel slightly depressed at Zili’s behavior.  Zili is changing.  Her whole idea of an underlying drive is to get forgiveness from the person that she hurt the most.  When she meets said person (Let’s call her Gazer of Life), she realizes that the Gazer of Life would never forgive her unless Gazer of Life had something to gain.  Zili reaches an epiphany and realizes that she really does not want forgiveness from someone that will not willingly forgive.  Zili also realizes that even though Gazer of Life may have been treated better than Zili, she is the better person.  It is a bittersweet moment for this character.  I am glad that we had it, but I am upset about the outcome.  It’s not like I am really in control of this, so I really can’t change it.  Sigh.  I can’t wait to add more to this story.

Other than that, it is Christmas preparations and house cleaning over here.  Oh, yeah, I draw.  I am not extremely good or anything, it is manga-ish.  I drew my characters.  Comment this post if you want to see any of them.

This song is my current writing muse.  I love “Allegria” from Cirque de Soleil.

So …I hope that this link takes you to my poll for my pics.



2 thoughts on “20 December 2008

  1. I love that you write and let the characters go. I write that way, too, and although it can get frustrating at times, I find that this more organic approach can lead to some really great, surprising, interesting things – and also seems to read with much more of a flow. I’m in the middle (or so) of my first book, and am having to go back and fill in scenes as I go because I have no outline and am sort of scrambling a bit. But I like the way things are coming out, and I can always go back and edit later – so letting the characters do their thing in the first draft seems the best thing for me to do, at this point.

    I’d love to see your drawings.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. I agree with letting the characters go. It definitely prevents the story from becoming boring and predictable.

    Now I will definitely show some drawings of my characters because I have feedback from viewers! YAY!


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