23 December 2008


I wrote three chapters today!  I am thrilled, but I am so upset!  I am practically two chapters away from the climax which means that I am about half-way done with my fourth book of my quartet! NNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don’t wanna leave my characters!  (Imagine a teenager who is normaly extremely composed in a crying fit because she gets emotionally attached.) I have been with them for four books!  I know so much about them!  They are such good friends!  I don’t wanna say goodbye!  I know that I am going to chronicle some of them, but it just won’t be the same.  There will be books that are solely about what happens to the characters after this quartet.  I’m gunna miss having all of them play a part in one story.  It is so sad.

Ok, I am back now.

I guess that I know how it feels to be a parent and being unable to let their kids leave to go to college or summer camp.

(Folds hands together.)  For more pressing news, I was unable to upload my pictures here on wordpress.  However, it is on my Flickr, which I just made an account with today.  Here is the address, and take a look at some of the Characters. (Took insanely long to upload.)

Thanks for hearing me rant and rave about character attachment.



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