29 January 2009

Hey everybody!

I am so upset that I haven’t been writing lately!  I mean I’ve been reading my Codes book on the bus on the way home from school, but my life has been so rocky lately that I hope that soon I will be able to write again and start my new series.  It totally stinks to be a kid with all this pressure to be better than the people that are working now because we have the whole progress of the world on our shoulders!  No pressure!

What a laugh.  So, I need all the luck I can get to get out of this stormy sea!

Lots of love!



27 January 2009


Guess what?







I wrote a little bit yesterday, and my happiness returned to me!  So I can really write again!  Wish me luck with the nasty weather over here!  There is suppossed to be crazy snow!

Ok, please take this poll, I have only three responses so far, I would like to have at least ten votes!  No logging in is necessary!

Thanks for reading:


24 January 2009


Yesterday was eventful, I did a ton of writing, so much that I had to stop because I was getting mentally exhausted.  My hand cramped a while ago.  However, most of the works are yet to be done for the Chronicles.  Once they are done, I will post them online.  For some reason, whenever I post when I am in the middle of writing, it slows production of the actual creation.  So don’t hold your breath…

As for today, I was playing catch up with homework.  However ABC Family had Cinderella stories on today, and I couldn’t help but watch.  I am going to finish half of my physics make ups before I go to sleep, then I will tackle the homework that is due next Monday, essays and things. Horray.

My final analysis, I am distracted with so many things, Prom, SATs, School, my friends, the list is endless.  I like to do things and do it well.  I also like to see people happy, but the trick is to be able to make yourself happy.  That is the hardest part.  Usually I am a master at that, but for the past four months, I have been running on adrenaline and willpower and my fragile mental state is beginning to show.

Please be patient with me.



Hello to all the people that love to read my work!

I have just returned from DC!  I have been on a trip to see monuments, memorials, museums, and the INAGURATION OF BARAK OBAMA!  I had no time to write, but I did pick up a book on cryptics and code…that means that the characters will have challenges! MWAHAHAHAHA! (Aren’t I evil?)  Hopefully, after I play catch up with homework, I will be able to write.


15 January 2009

Hey guys!

I did a lot of outlining today while I was on the bus!  I am almost done with it, the three characters that need to be killed off are, all I need now are technicalities (names, ages, and race).    Then I need to work on research for building castles, education systems, and social networking for my second series! WOOT!

To tell you the truth, as of yet, I have not created a title for the series that I recently completed.  I named the whole thing “Tales of Whithith”, that is the name of the whole book series that pertains to Whithith because I was thinking of doing suburban/fantasy fusion.  For Whithith, I have manuscript title names, but I do not have individual series names as of yet.  In the “Tales of Whithith”, the name of the segmet that one is reading is important to know.  Below is my poll for titles, there is room for other.  Put down what you want if I should even have particular series names or not.  Thanks for reading.


14 January 2009

Hey everybody!

Thanks for the glorious comments!  I have yet to work on my stuff, but my parents getting a new car and exhaustion from midterms have really been distracting me!  Don’t worry about a thing!  Today is officially my blog’s first whole month’s anniversary!  Happy Month, bloggy!  I think that I will call it Magister.  That’s a good blog name, Magister, meaning teacher in Latin.

I should have more to post within the next two days.

Until then.



13 January 2008

Hello my ever-faithful readers,

I am proud to say that I did a ton of outlining!  One character is about to kick the bucket, another one has ten years, and the last one will die in about a hundred or so.  That three hundred marker is rather difficult to get to.  But I worry not because everything will come out roses in the end!