Quartet Finished!

The Quartet is finished!  AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!  I just finished it a second ago!  I cried!  I cried from Zili’s pain, I gasped at the way she handled it, I cried at te Subelementalites’ love for Zili, I cried for the hope for a new day for Zili!  It is beautiful!  I’m going offline now so I can finish crying in peace.  Then I will tackle the Chronicles of Zephyr, Inaya, Starlynn, and Neo Neo Arslania.  Actually, now that I am here, I don’t want to write about these characters anymore, but I have to because I set up the last book  as an intro to another series.  The Chronicles will be posted online, I just need to know a good site.  Anyone up for sharing?

Thanks for reading.  I’ll go cry now.



2 thoughts on “Quartet Finished!

  1. Isn’t it nice when the characters have such strong affects they make us cry. Or angry. Or whatever. That means they’re real. Okay, in a fantasy land, living in our brain sort of way. But real non the less.

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