5 January 2009

Hello everyone!

I have been working so hard for tests and everything and I am way over my head!  I think that sometimes it is good that I am an insomniac!

Thank you damyantig for your great idea!  I need to continue working on the Chronicles of Neo Neo Arslania, the founding of the place and a following of certain characters after my quartet.  Thanks for suggesting www.youwriteon.com I definately will post some of my work there!  There are four different characters that are writing about four different stories that are entertwined.  They are travelling together.  The characters that are being chronicled are: Inaya (high priestess that is freaky logical), Zephyr (the main supporting character in the quartet), Starlynn (the quartet’s best friend), and the actual history of Neo Neo Arslania.  I have to write this before I get onto the rest of my books, but now I have to focus on school.  Midterms are next week!  I gotta study!

Thanks for reading


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