15 January 2009

Hey guys!

I did a lot of outlining today while I was on the bus!  I am almost done with it, the three characters that need to be killed off are, all I need now are technicalities (names, ages, and race).    Then I need to work on research for building castles, education systems, and social networking for my second series! WOOT!

To tell you the truth, as of yet, I have not created a title for the series that I recently completed.  I named the whole thing “Tales of Whithith”, that is the name of the whole book series that pertains to Whithith because I was thinking of doing suburban/fantasy fusion.  For Whithith, I have manuscript title names, but I do not have individual series names as of yet.  In the “Tales of Whithith”, the name of the segmet that one is reading is important to know.  Below is my poll for titles, there is room for other.  Put down what you want if I should even have particular series names or not.  Thanks for reading.



One thought on “15 January 2009

  1. Hello,
    My first visit to your site. It looks like you’ve created a wonderful world. Good luck with your writing adventures!


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