24 January 2009


Yesterday was eventful, I did a ton of writing, so much that I had to stop because I was getting mentally exhausted.  My hand cramped a while ago.  However, most of the works are yet to be done for the Chronicles.  Once they are done, I will post them online.  For some reason, whenever I post when I am in the middle of writing, it slows production of the actual creation.  So don’t hold your breath…

As for today, I was playing catch up with homework.  However ABC Family had Cinderella stories on today, and I couldn’t help but watch.  I am going to finish half of my physics make ups before I go to sleep, then I will tackle the homework that is due next Monday, essays and things. Horray.

My final analysis, I am distracted with so many things, Prom, SATs, School, my friends, the list is endless.  I like to do things and do it well.  I also like to see people happy, but the trick is to be able to make yourself happy.  That is the hardest part.  Usually I am a master at that, but for the past four months, I have been running on adrenaline and willpower and my fragile mental state is beginning to show.

Please be patient with me.



2 thoughts on “24 January 2009

  1. Yay for good writing days.

    Fun, exams/ homework. Have fun with that. 😀

    Keep yourself happy, dahling, and take a few deep breaths. Everything will be good (I think)

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