7 February 2009

Hey guys!

Before I go into the normal rantings of  a teenager/writer, I have some thank yous.

Emily–thanks so much for the video!  It was sweet and it came from the heart.  I couldn’t ask more from my friend!  You are a terrific person!  Don’t ever change to conform to society!  Don’t do it!

Sarah–Thanks so much for commenting on just about everything and always being there to help me out whenever I get emotional farts!

Ok, now to the really good stuff!  I have an ideas book where I write my various ideas that usually come from my dreams.  Today, while I was on the John, (I do some of my best thinking there ) I came up with an epic beginning for one of my series that I was planning on writing.  As for my 300 years history for Whithith, it is slowly growing, I am having conflicting ideas about if I should actually write it out as diary entries or keep the outline, because the history that I wrote for the series was an outline that I worked with, and it was pretty good.  Comment on your decision please.  Should I keep up this stress and post it all when I am finished?  Or should I jump straight to my masterpiece?

Another thing on my mind is the Poll about what name to name the series, the sub name.  I have five votes, and I will go with “Quartet of the Middles”.  It is shnazzy and has the most votes, three!  So that will be it.  If anyone sees “Quartet of the Middles” somewhere, it is MINE MINE MINE!

I went shopping today in a big mall.  I am not really a mall person, I like the one on one, intense interaction.  I don’t like shallow visions of people.  I want to see people as people, with talents and faults.

Oh yeah, today, I had this song stuck in my head.  Three guesses what it is. You\’ll know what it is as soon as it starts

That’s about it.  I had fun!  OMG!  I actually had fun!  Now back to the slaughterhouse!

Thanks for reading this crazy post!



2 thoughts on “7 February 2009

  1. Thanks a lot. I’m going to have One playing in the background of my dreams tonight!
    And happy to read your stuff. 🙂

    Okay, I think I need to see a little outline and journal entries to make an educated vote. So send me a little and I’ll let you know what I think.

    So glad you had fun my dear! Keep having it!

  2. Thanx for visiting my Slog – do call round again (to either blog).

    Me too, i often think best on the loo! What is it about it, i wonder…?

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