26 March 2009


It’s been a while since I’ve been on, but I have made progress!  I swear it!  I wrote two chapters two days ago and three yesterday!  WOO HOO!!!!!!!

To tell you the truth, junior year has kept me busy, but I literally use every spare moment to do something with my writing!  I try, but I am exhausted and overwhelmed.  The word “vacation” comes to mind.

Lots of love you guys!



22 March 2009

Hey everybody!

Thanks for all the comments!  They make me smile!  Life has been so busy lately!  I had two research papers due in one week, both of them carry quite a bit of weight in my grade.  This week is the end of the Third Period!  One left!  Holy turtle fries!

Okay, as of right now, I have about three and a half chapters written for the Tale of The End and I wrote one entry for the Chronicles!  YAY!  Life is so stressful that finding any time to write is an exuse to rejoice!  Rejoice!  WOO HOO!

Lots of love!

Keep positive!


18 March 2009


The Tale of the End is under way!  Outlining is done and Chapter One is crawling foreward, but it is catching steam!  WOOHOOOO!!!!!!!

Gosh, I love to write!

What do you love to do?


16 March 2009

WOOHOO!  I am done with SATs!!!!!!!!  I didn’t feel like I was going to cry, that’s a good sign!

I am half-way done with outlining the Tale of the End of my Tales of Whithith series.  I am going to push out a book in three weeks!  Wish me luck!

I’ve been working really hard with school and things without paying much heed to my desire to write.  I feel terrible, so I am thrilled that I can write again.  I guess that people don’t know how much they love things until they are gone.  I realized, I NEED writing to keep sane!