29 June 2009

YIKES! I haven’t posted in forever! Sorry! I was in camp last week and I started working today! I have a 9-5 internship! Heavy!

So yeah, about my book, the whole cover came Thursday, and my heart caught in my throat. I’ll post one of the earlier images a little later, but I promise that it is the diggity-bomb!

Love all of you for reading!




19 June 2009

Thanks for all the comments!

Andrea, I’ll check out your site, but I think by the time I get books out that are not part of my series, I’ll be too old! Oy vey!

JC, thanks for your great comments as well.

Oh, guess what! Last night, I got my sample cover art for the first book. It’s Zili standing on a mountain looking at a sunrise/set. Words that are really good to describe it are: epic, amazing, unbelievable, breathtaking, and awe inspiring.

All you people will have to buy my book to see the awesomeness that is the cover.

Lots of love.

Answer to a Question

I decided to self-publish because I have more control over the publishing process than with a publishing house. I am creative too and I like having a hand in creating the book that I will have my name under. I also have done a ton of research, and the majority of the traditional publishers will not publish me because of the size and content of my work as well as my age. Most traditional publishers will not work with someone under 18. Go figure, so many successes were written by teens…..

Also, many successes were self-published, and with my knowledge, I believe that I can make my book fly.


16 June 2009

I am pretty much at the beginning of the publishing process. I am going with self-publishing, a POD. I pretty much just have to write up a blurb for the back cover, then I wait for the internal and external galley to approve. Once that’s done, the book will officially on the way to production! I am so excited by this!

All you writers out there, how’s it going?


8 June 2009

Hello everybody!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! Finals and a Court of Awards have kept me unbelievably busy! Thursday Finals begin, woo hoo (note the sarcasm).

Anywho, I have WONDERFUL news to share! “The Assignment” is being pushed to production! I’ll be getting a copy of the interior of my work really soon. I just have to send in the book’s description and a copy of the cover! I am SO excited!