23 November 2009

I tell ya, it’s hard to write when teachers are always giving you homework to do!

I’m always working, working, working, doing boring analytical thinking and writing.

This is right before Thanksgiving too!

So when I literally have five minutes to myself, I post or update something somewhere.

Thanks so much for reading!


19 November 2009

Well hi there, those of you that visit!

I’m pleased to say that even with my busy scheduole, I have been editing my second manuscript! I’m almost half-way done with my first editing pass. I’ll probably edit it 2 more times…

Then I’ll publish, it sounds pretty strange that I’ll edit 3 times, but when I go around editing the first time, I totally rip up my mansuscript.

Working hard.


16 November 2009

Hi there!

I spent hours writing yesterday, I am so thrilled! Yesterday, I wrote a play, one that was inspired by A Doll’s House.

Play writing is easy and hard at the same time. One has to visualize what is going on as well as keep the exchanges short, short enough that the viewer knows what’s going on yet, not write a whole novel.

It is like writing the short story or a haiku, it’s an incredible experience of liberation, yet one has to control himself/herself.

Writing is the easiest hardest task I set out to do.


8 November 2009

You the worst thing about getting sick? You can’t get any work done!

I’ve been so under the weather that I couldn’t even write! Oh sweet gods, these past few days have been utterly unbearable! The agony of it all!


2 November 2009


It’s November already! I can’t believe how quickly time is moving! On Halloween, there was no one around, no trick-or-treaters! This is most unfortunate! I made my costume this year!

As per my writing, hmm….it could be better. I don’t have much homework today so I will try my best to write a bit. I have finished all the background (exposition?) and now my story is ready to begin!

Thanks for reading.