25 January 2010


I finished making a promo video/trailer! I’m so proud of myself! I would love to share it, the only problem is I can’t figure out how to convert an avi and wmd files to what is compatible for the net.


I’ll figure it out soon enough…..(with some help please!)


Ariel Ceylan


22 January 2010


So, I did write yesterday, the rising action FINALLY began! I am totally thrilled.

I also came up with a platform for marketing my book today so the past 24 hours were quite productive.

That’s all I’ll update today.

Thanks for reading.

21 January 2010

Hi there!

I am so thrilled that I was able to put in a copy of “The Tales of Whithith: The Assignment” in my town library yesterday that I forgot to post! So I went to bed early…go figure.

Tonight I shall write for a good half hour or so and I’ll let you know how everything goes tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.