25 January 2010


I finished making a promo video/trailer! I’m so proud of myself! I would love to share it, the only problem is I can’t figure out how to convert an avi and wmd files to what is compatible for the net.


I’ll figure it out soon enough…..(with some help please!)


Ariel Ceylan


4 thoughts on “25 January 2010

  1. Depending upon what program you use, you can convert it through the program. For example, in Windows Movie Maker, when you publish the file, just choose the format to convert the video to. Most of the time WMA videos work just fine for the web, especially for places like YouTube.

    Hope this helps!

    Dawn Carrington

  2. In theory this helps, but in actuality, not so much. Do you know specifically which choice on the list of printing formats to print in?

    This would help a bundle!

    Thanks for responding!

    Ariel Ceylan

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