25 February 2010


I finished Part One of the book I’m writing! Only two more to go!

But I wrote so much today, I’m just totally thrilled! I love productive days.

Thanks for reading,




24 February 2010


I have two hours left today and I’m going to make the two hours count!

I’m going to write for an hour, do school work for 1/2 an hour and walk on the treadmill for the remaining time.

Hopefully I will not be too distracted.

Wish me luck!

Ariel Ceylan

Rooksbridge: Fantasy Series

Do you love to read but do not have the time to read a very long novel? Do you enjoy reading a series that always is more enticing the longer you read it? Then you’ll love Rooksbridge. Rooksbridge is a fantasy series, a serial series. It is a fantasy story without the agony of holding a thousand page hard-bound book that is impossible to carry.

Rooksbridge is a chapbook series that is available online at rooksbridge(dot)com. The installments are of the future, online. They are downloadable as various files: PDF or mp3. These stories are still yet to go online, meaning, there are additions to the tale every month. However, one can follow the author, Josh Roby, on an RSS feed or on podcast previews.

As of right now, Rooksbridge has six installments.

Roosbridge starts with the first chapter, “Dirty Work”. “Dirty Work” introduces the town Guilford and Dame Sophia, a leading lady in a caravan passing through the town. She has natural authority over the group.

The second chapter is entitled “Getting By”. In this segment, royalty is introduced, making it clear that in this series there will be serfdom.

“The Divide” is third in this series of installments. This chapter takes place in a river, where the men at hard labor discover that the island in the river is not one at all, an interesting, intriguing way of maintaining power.

“Ravens, Rooks, and Crows” is next, an introduction of a mysterious rider who turns out to be Dame Sophia’s brother. He is on a mission to, what he believes, will help her, but Dame Sophia knows better. Her brother’s innocence of thought is revealed through her cold, accurate, logic.

“Where there is Smoke”, there is another installment. The Baroness Bramwood is another powerful lady who is introduced in this chapter.

Finally, “Goodwill, Bad Blood” is the last segment of this series currently out. Dame Sophia’s troupe travels to another town named Rudwell.

This series holds much promise to be a great epic. I await the next chapter next month.

Disclaimer:This is my first book review. Ariel Ceylan

22 February 2010


This past week I was on break and honestly, I barely wrote. When I did pluck up the courage to write, after getting stumped from playing Sodoku, I wrote. I revisited “The Chronicles of the NNA”. ( I know, I barely posted about that in a while. To tell you the truth, I was tired and did not want to do a ton of research and character development for the other series so I went writing for Whithith….then of course, I got busy pondering what to do with the books when I’m done with them….

Needless to say, I was a wee bit distracted over break, oh well.

I tried.

I’m only human.

Thanks for reading.

Ariel Ceylan

8 February 2010

Yesterday was an amazingly productive day!

I was able to finish Part One of my book! Huzzah! Of course, now, I have parts 2 to 4 left to do, but considering my progress beforehand, I’m glad I was able to put in some solid time. Curse you AP Bio!!!

Ariel Ceylan