24 February 2010


I have two hours left today and I’m going to make the two hours count!

I’m going to write for an hour, do school work for 1/2 an hour and walk on the treadmill for the remaining time.

Hopefully I will not be too distracted.

Wish me luck!

Ariel Ceylan


2 thoughts on “24 February 2010

  1. That’s always the first step. Writing the words.
    I’m currently working on my second manuscript and I can tell you the hardest part of writing is allowing yourself to write. It’s easy to create excuses, place it on the back burner, say you’ll make up for it later…

    But all that time someone procrastinates could have been used for further finishing their story. Because you’ve made the time, you’re already on the right track.

    Anyway, good luck with writing.



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