29 May 2010


I’m 18! I’m a big bad MAJOR! (minor is under 18 and major has to be over it)

Finals are done! AP Biology test is done (I think I got a 5 out of 5!)! School is done!

I just started writing again. I am writing a play about the workplace. I was totally inspired this year’s English class. Each marking period was thematic in relation to life like justice and tragedy. For the second semester, we studied Oedipus Rex (I LOVE TIRESIAS!!!!), Death of a Salesman (I LOVE BIFF!!!!), Bargain, and The Lottery. It was such a learning experience that it gave me the courage to write a play. Let’s be honest, I actually wanted to write one before hand, but I was uncertain of how to go about it. I wrote one during Christmas break…it was depressing even though I was jolly during the season and I was not pleased with how it came out. SO I decided to write something totally different from what I usually try to write and attempt to use Aristotle’s theatre critiquing to develop my play-writing style.

Wish me luck.

Ariel Ceylan


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