14 July 2010 (Bastille Day!)


Long time no post! First, I would like to say Happy Bastille Day! (ToTC is my favorite book ever!)

Second, I have been writing every single day for hours on end, I probably average about 500 words a day. The story is starting to catch fire now that I’m on page 140….no it’s not bad, it’s just that there is a lot of stuff that needs to happen before play time can begin, you know. I need to establish character and their surroundings not by telling, but by showing. This is not proving to be difficult, but it is proving to be arduous, I mean I love exposition (character’s back story), but I find that unless the plot moves with it, there is no real point to writing. Thankfully the plot is moving quite rapidly with the exposition. There will be a lot going on in this novel and some things that I know the reader will not be able to ever expect. One of my writing quirks is that I like to change gender roles, so that is something to look out for with this.

Also, I think that I would like to publish this book the old fashioned way. Now that I am legal and can enter a contract, there really are no doors locked for me (except for those held closed by lack of an agent).

Third, I will be interviewed by AllyKatzz, an organization designed to boost tween girls’ self-esteem. I’m SO pumped about this! I can’t even begin to put my elation into words!

I love moving forward and moving ahead.

With Love,
Ariel Ceylan


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