17 July 2010

Writing, Writing, Writing.

That’s all I’m doing right now. I am writing a ton of scholarships for college (They actually make prose better. The prompts are challenging but engaging.) and I am writing a ton in my new one-shot Novel which I am entitling The Bad Faerie.

This book will be vastly different from my other books for a few reasons:

1) I do not have a plan for this book. Usually I map out a diagram of what needs to happen and how it needs to happen, getting there is the part I make up. This time, I have ten possible endings and allow the characters to run amock.

2) This time, I started with the title of the book before I even started writing it. Usually I come up with a title for the book after I have written it. I often sit for ten minutes or so, recalling the whole plot and all the growth the protagonist has fought to achieve and then three titles come to me. I usually pick the most cerebral title though…

3) In many of my writings, I envision a world based on the rules that occur in my head. The world comes from my head and I research concepts and cultures to enhance my world. This time, I am taking ideas from a preexisting story and change it around to suit my story. You know, like Wicked.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Ariel Ceylan


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