26 February 2011

I have so much to do, and yet for some reason, I have no time!

How does one budget one’s time efficiently and then FOLLOW THROUGH!?!?!?!?


Ariel Ceylan


21 February 2011

I have been making videos on youtube lately. Check out my channel, and please, please, please subscribe

Keep positive and keep on writing!
Ariel Ceylan

5 February 2011

Hi everyone!

I have been taking forever to post something, this is a side effect of a new semester, but my new years resolution is to do more with my writing. So this means that I will write more, write more about writing, and work harder in person with my books.

So I decided that to bring things back, I’ll post the link to one of my favorite article about writing.

Thanks for reading.
Ariel Ceylan