Kung Fu Panda 2

Okay, so I went to see Kung Fu Panda 2 last night and I have some things to say about it.

1) The writers tried to make it epic….like a Jet Li movie for kids and a fluffy panda….I don’t think it went well over my head personally, but I don’t think many kids would know the difference.

2) Tigress is a BaD***. She said that she punched iron trees for twenty years so now she’s a tank. They showed that quite well in the film. Two thumbs up for feminists.

3) Themes that were in this film were: inner peace and the power of the present. To defeat the antagonist, Po had to find inner peace…I won’t explain why…And the other central theme is the concept of the power of the present. Essentially, it doesn’t matter who your parent were, what you’ve done with your past, what is foretold in your future, what matters is what you will do with right now.

The second theme, is a great theme for anyone to think about in his or her life. I applaud writers who skillfully wrapped this theme into the plot to tell children to reach for the stars regardless of everything and everybody else.

As you can tell, my feelings are mixed, but overall, I understood the central message, and I find that’s what is most important.

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Ariel Ceylan


22 May 2011

It has come to my attention that I should most likely post something…(SOMETHING! lolz)

Okay, so if you are curious about things I’ve been doing promotions-wise, I have a book reading and signing!

On June 24th at 2pm in the Montvale Public Library, I will be having a book reading and signing. I’ll discuss my writing process, my series, and read an excerpt from my book. Then onto the book signing part (each book is $10).

So if you’re in the NY, NJ, PA area, stop by and say hi.

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Ariel Ceylan

Pirates 4: On Stranger Tides

I just came back from watching Pirates 4. I’ll do my best not to give too much away.

This story had religious and political commentary in it that was craftily placed. Much like the third film, there are some statements in there that are clear, if that is what you are looking for…

This movie is the end of a seemingly endless series, but watching the last snippet after the ten minutes of credits still opens the possibility that there might be an epilogue to the tale….just in case there is a large fan response to the movie asking for more…

I wonder how many more tales of magic can the writers invent? We had Calypso, the goddess of the seas, we had davey jones, the creator of sailors’ fears, and we have the fountain of youth (On Stranger Tides), supposedly discovered by Juan Ponce de Leon. If there is a large fan response begging for more, what will come next?

Contemplating the responses of the masses.

Ariel Ceylan

18 May 2011


I have a book reading and signing all hooked up! Now what I need to do is come up with some sort of promotional strategy for the next month (the event will be the end of june).

To the think tank!
Ariel Ceylan