19 July 2011

Thank you Montvale Public Library for allowing me to have a book signing there! Thank you everybody who came! I greatly appreciate your support!

As an aside, please comment and respond to my posts because it helps me write and update. I find that I produce more when I am held accountable to someone other than myself.

Thanks for reading,

Ariel Ceylan


15 July 2011! Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Pt 2

Today is a HUGE day!

Not only is the last installment of the Harry Potter films released today, but also I have a book signing at the Montvale Public Library!

I’ll post some pictures soon!

Thanks for checking in,
Ariel Ceylan

13 July 2011

True story! This happened 20 minutes ago:

Okay, the full moon is in a day or so from right now and it just started drizzling. I was driving in the middle of town and the street has two lanes on both sides (opposing traffic is merging). One is a turning lane (right) and the other is straight. On my right is the bowling alley. On the left lane are huge SUV’s and I’m going up the hill slowly (trying to get traction). The next thing I see is an old red sedan driven by an older man shooting in front of me. I yelped as I slammed my foot on the brakes. He looked at me with shock on his face and I stared back until he got the courage to continue his turn into the bowling alley.

Here’s the deal, the huge gas-guzzling monsters were on the road next to me. The guy couldn’t see me and I couldn’t see him. He leaped before looking. He couldn’t see the other side. If you leap without looking where you’re going and if you can’t see the other side, you might not end up where you want to be. In this case it would have been death, but this concept can be applied to just about any situation in one’s life.

Next time, be sure where you’re going before you leap.

Ariel Ceylan, Over and Out

6 July 2011

An update! (zomg i am alive!)
1) I wrote 4 songs today!
2) I have a writing prompt for you. I saw a mailman this afternoon in the hot sun who stood over a free-form mail box (you know, one of those blue ones that are open to the public to use). He rubbed his face which held pain. What was he thinking about?

Thanks for checking in!

Ariel Ceylan