IT has been TOO LONG (Thank you Irene)

Thank you Irene for flooding the basement. Thank you Irene for knocking over trees. Thank you Irene for killing people. Thank you Irene for cutting elecricity. Thank you Irene for everything you are.

Ariel Ceylan


13 August 2011

I have been terribly busy lately. I have been trying to write a play (you have to be in a CERTAIN mood to write it…) and I have been working on transferring schools. Soon I’ll be back to my usual one post a week.

Until then.

Keep positive and keep on writing.
Ariel Ceylan

2 August 2011

I just saw the Pascack Press today and I found a certain article in it. I’m ecstatic that the interview went well and the article finally made it in!

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Ariel Ceylan