What’s the longest you’d want to live without internet access?

This question is both challenging and easy to answer. I am a member of a technology based generation. We communicate on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, and a variety of other social networking services. We communicate via e-mail and blog. We communicate via text messages. We communicate via instant messages.

To be frank, I often want to turn it all off. I often want to say, “No you can’t know the details of my life when you’re not a part of it without my consent or knoweldge.” I often want to say, “If you really care about me, then you will take the time to call me or meet with me”.

Today it’s too easy for everyone to get involved in everyone’s lives. Why do they care whether or not you went to the bathroom? Why do they care that you went to so and so club on so and so night? What does it matter? How does it mean anything to their lives? It can’t. It can’t mean anything when you have 1000 friends on Facebook. That’s a lot of stalking you need to do. And furthermore, who would WANT to spend all that time “Keeping up with the Jonses”? That time would be better spent living our own lives. If we want to share it online, that’s our choice, not our requirement for friendship.

So to answer the above question, I could spend the rest of my life without internet access. Rather, it would be fabulous if it were possible, since unfortunately we are constantly being bombarded by the internet, it comes into our lives whether we want it to or not. In effect, I seek to live a life with the least amount of internet useage as possible that way the people who matter will show me that they care about me because they will take the time to come to speak to me they will make the time to see me. Otherwise, Facebook can keep their fairweather friends.

Ariel Ceylan,
Over and Out


Tardis-tastic Dress

I was just poking around the internet and I found a gorgeous dress! It has the tardis on it as the corset.

Tardis Dress

Beautiful construction

I just needed to share this with you guys. It has nothing to do with writing, unless you want to paint a scene here.

Keep positive and keep on writing.
Ariel Ceylan

8 September 2011

With the fall semester just beginning and a decade since 9/11 occurring, I find that there is little time to write. Especially with a 45 minute commute. I have been able to squeeze in 10 minutes here and there, but I have not yet been able to just sit down and write. Then I thought to one of those success books I read and how the most important skill is self-management. Then I figured that I could self-manage myself effectively today, and lo, I did! That’s why I’m here just writing about whatever comes to mind, really. I mean, other than taking six courses and trying to maintain various social media, it’s a bit of a challenge to try to actually write something more substantial than my midterm and final papers. Alas, I will try to put something out there anyway.

So, what could be worth writing about? Life, I suppose. Now let’s think deeper, is it just life in general that’s worthy of discussion, or is it life as it pertains to a few species, or is it life as it pertains to homo sapien sapiens? What makes life life a worthy discussion? Is life a worthy discussion? Why?

Just a glimpse into my mind about the questions that constantly plague me.

Keep positive, keep on writing (even if it’s only 5 minutes a day), and keep on questioning.

Ariel Ceylan