I see you, sitting at your perch on top of the great flying buttresses of the churches. I know what they use you fore. You are ugly and fearsome, so you keep demons away. But I think you’re beautiful. I know that you were cast out of heaven by the other angels; you were not quite perfect. You were flawed and heaven is no place for those like you.

When you reached the earth, you came upon the humans who recognized you. They were glad to have you and you were glad to be loved. Then the humans too realized your imperfections and betrayed you. Monsters, they called you. Wraiths, they called you. Demons, they called you.

I remember what you did next. You ran away to find a place where you could belong and where you could be accepted and loved. You found the church and you were recognized. They use you as ornaments to the great edifices of their faith. How long will you stay? Maybe when you realize that the church does not love you and you ralize that you’re being used by those who claim to know what it most high, that you’ll leave. My only request is that you take me with you, fo you see, I am a gargoyle too.


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