How do we Define Life?

I’ve been thinking a bit lately about how exactly we define life. Some people seem to think that it’s about pleasure, things that make one most happy. But this strikes me as odd, if I make that value judgement that pleasure is the greatest good, then I relinquish the right to call thievery, rape, beatings, and murder wrong. Since they all can give one pleasure.

It caused me to wonder how does one define life? I figure that life is not just about having a good time, but what about when someone is having a bad time? Because life isn’t always blue skies and sunshine. What gets one through those days? It needs to be something more, more than just a pleasure will…it is a will that stands longer and deeper than those days…

So perhaps what we should look for to define life should not be what we would live for, but what we would die for. What would you die for and plan to live your life accordingly…

Ariel Ceylan


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