Knowing it All

From my experience with my peers, I notice that there is an obsession with knowing it all. Not like knowing things from books, but knowing why people do things. Like if Luke grinds up on Michelle and Michelle is one of his good platonic friends and Becky sees this, Becky questions Luke’s behavior. Luke responds, it’s not a big deal, we’re just friends (fwb). It doesn’t mean anything, so chill out.

Becky will then take Luke’s explanation and say, oh, well that’s just Luke. That’s what Luke does. But is that really why? What is Luke really saying? He’s saying that his own body, his own sexuality is not a big deal. And why not, it’s not like he’s religious or anything. Is it possible to respect one’s self by not treating one’s own body like an amusement park for anyone who’s looking?

Luke said it all, didn’t he? Becky often won’t ask for anything more. Why not? If Becky knows the real reasons for Luke’s behavior (maybe he feels like he’s not capable of giving love to someone), then she would have to be somewhat responsible for empathizing with Luke and give him real life-advice. She would have to genuinely care for someone. Who would want that?


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