2 February 2009

Happy Groundhog’s Day!

It has been forever since I posted and I lament that!  But in my defense I have to say schoolwork and SAT prep was annoyingly in my way, but I did sneak in some Guild Wars: Nightfall!

Huzzah for shameless fun!  I levelled up!

Anywho, I guess that I should talk about my writing now…I slowly have been adding to the Chronicles.  It is not in my usual style, neither is this actually, but it is more like diary entries.  I’ll get the hang of it eventually, then I will post!  Huzzah!

I will not be sonding out submissions until after March 14th, that’s the SAT, for all you people that don’t know.  Then I will restart the agonizing wait that is submissions as I put together the dreaded College Apps!  WOOHOO! I love growing up! (NOT!)

Thanks for reading my SoC of life!

Stay Positive!



26 December 2008

Hey everybody,

Today, I did little writing.  I am about two paragraphs from Zephyr’s emotional climax/eppiphany.  Other than that I was playing Guild Wars Nightfall as a Dervish.  I also spent some hours at the nursing home doing service.  I hope that I can write more and quickly, but I doubt that that will happen.  I have homework and service to do.  I don’t know when I will post next, hopefully tomorrow.  Keep posted.