Writing Prompt (For the end of the SUMMER 2012)

For all of you who are looking to have your creativity jump-started, here’s a prompt for you.


Words have the power to change minds, shatter boundaries, and open doors. Pick a word that describes how words make you feel or what you feel they do and run with it: Fear, Hot, Clouds, Internal, Eternal, Existential, Empty, Sunshine, Awe (etc).

Post your response below!


Ariel Ceylan


6 January 2012


I just finished one of the items on my list of resolutions!

1) Get 5+ short stories into magazines.
2) Finish writing my book. (This needs to be done!)
3) Finish my fanfiction. (I’ve been writing this since the summer. It needs to be done!)
4) Write a screenplay
6) Get a job (bleh)

Yes, I finished writing my fanfiction, TODAY! It was hard. I have 46 chapters out in that story (it’s called Wyrmling and it’s a Naruto fanfic). The last five chapters I posted today. It was nothing short of intense.

This got me thinking about New Year Resolutions. Just about everybody I know say that they’re going to do something, start and two days later stop. I guess that those resolutions aren’t really resolutions, then. They’re more like…daydreams. It’s something that someone would like to do, but has no real plan of implementing or sustaining it. When it’s a resolution, that means that someone has a plan to do something and not stop until the task is completed.

Maybe I’m wrong….but then again, maybe I’m not…

Ariel Ceylan