18 August 2010

I know, I know, I know, I haven’t been posting nor writing! I know, I’m horrible! I just have so much to do right now, but here’s a plus over the weekend I’m getting interviewed! Totally awesome, huh? I sure think so, wish me luck!

Keep positive!

Ariel Ceylan


12 May 2009

Hey all,

I hope that everyone had a great Mother’s Day! I know that my mom’s was alright…I didn’t get to write.

Oh, but last night, I typed up a chapter for my Number One Fan (my little brother) because he was bugging me! So I got that done. Maybe tonight I can add to “The Tale of the End” and type another chapter of “The Newborns”, the third book in “The Quartet of the Middles”.

Wish me luck!



Ok, I deleted my Chronicles of Inaya and Starlynn blogs because they were just sitting around and I don’t like things just sitting around.  It probably will never see the light of day again anyway.  I’ll just publish the Chronicles when I finish them and when the Quartet of Middles is published.  I’ll probably still self-publish them though, if the public really wants to read the Chronicles…..
Thanks for reading!