Banned Books Week Prompts

As many of you know, this week is banned books week. This means that every year there are books that the American Library Association deem as inappropriate to read whether it be topic, sexuality, profanity, etc. There also are challenged books which are books that people recommend to be banned…the banning of ideas.

Some ideas change the world and other ideas do nothing. Reading something does not necessetate that the person who reads the book will become a dictator, murderer, etc. Some people just take the idea into them and move on to the next book. Some people read books and are so appaled that they start counter movements, par example, Lolita. Some books inspire people to go out and dominate other nations: the Nazi-edited verisons of Nietzsche’s works. Which is worse, having an idea or acting on the idea?

In honor of banned books week, I came up with some writing prompts to get your minds going.


1) You are talking to one of your friends about human history and as the conversation progresses, you discover that your friend knows nothing about evolution. Your friend even denies the existance of dinosaurs! What do you say next?

2)If you were given the option, would you ban Playboy Magazine? Why?


Keep positive, and keep on writing!

Ariel Ceylan


Nietzsche Time!

Okay. Here’s a thought, I’ve been reading a ton of Nietzsche lately and I figured that it would be really cool if I could post a section and analyze it.

The Gay Science
By: Friedrich Nietzsche
Section 155
What we lack.

“We love what is great in nature and have discovered it — because in our heads, great human beings are lacking. It was the other way around for the Greeks; their feeling for nature is different from ours.”

What is he talking about? Don’t worry, I can totally translate. He’s starting off with saying that there is a difference between the people today and the ancients. Today, people value the greatness of things in nature.


Like this mountain. Isn’t it magnificent?

Well, that’s just what Nietzsche’s talking about. He’s saying that today’s people find things like mountains, the ocean, and physically large things to be where greatness is. What of the person who sees these great things? Isn’t that person great too for being able to see this greatness?…Nope. We’re pretty much insignificant.

Nietzsche continues with how everything was in the reverse for the ancients. They viewed not external natural objects as great, but the one natural object each individual has domain over as greatness. One’s body and what one can do with one’s body is great.

Why should we care?

Ariel Ceylan