9 May 2010

I met a great lady on Thursday, THE MAYA ANGELOU! She is far more amazing than her impressive resume.

I also met with the owners of 4G’s Book Club there. We chatted and there is a possibility that I could have a book event at the store/club. I hope that everything will work out!

AP exam is tomorrow, which means that I’ll be able to write again in the next 30 hours.

Keep a weather eye out for NJ Star Ledger’s book review of The Tales of Whithith The Assignment.

Keeping busy.

Thanks for reading.


(How’s that for word art?)


25 April 2010


I have a ton of updates for all of you!

First, I have the internal galley of my second book! This means that as soon as I approve it, my book will be pushed to production (aka printing)!

Second, May is right around the corner. Look out for your NJ Star Ledger. The Tales of Whithith: The Assignment will be reviewed there. (It will be May or June, but start looking!)

Third, hopefully I will get onto Channel One News.

So, all and all, these are some exciting times!

Riding on joy.

Ariel Ceylan