30 April 2009


It’s the end of the month already!  I haven’t posted in forever!  I’ve been writing every day for approximately 2 minutes on the bus.  Hey, I take what time I can get!  I can pump out 50 words in every 2 minutes, and I pick my words very carefully!  I am extending the moment, but I kinda want to be done already!  I have so many ideas for other series that I want to get started!  Some commenters had really great ideas about putting aside and starting anew, but I can’t do that…unless I go to the home!  GAH!  I am the type of person that needs closure otherwise I will be thinking about it all the time.

And I mean ALL THE TIME!

Oh, and on a ligher note, I will be taking the SATS…..again…..on Saturday. Wish me luck!



20 April 2009

WOW!  It’s been a long time since I’ve posted!

There are many things that I would like to discuss: life, school, my writing, oh and publishing.

Life is hectic, I am taking SATs again.  Yeah, don’t worry, it’s in two weeks.  All I have to do is teach myself all the math concepts.  I have plenty of time…

School is school.  Junior year equates to standardized testing!

Writing has been coming slowly.  I am writng the same book.  To tell you the truth, its been pretty boring for me.  In my head, once I’ve written my outline, I am pretty much done.  Honestly, this book is more of an epilogue to The Quartet of Middles.  The characters are pretty static and don’t want to change from their facade.  So I am getting pretty bored.  Any suggestions?

Finally, my mother and I are 99% sure that I will be published via Xlibris.  WOOHOO!

Thanks for reading,


8 April 2009

So, I wrote two chapters since the last time I posted.  The cotillion was a blast!  I LOVE PHILIPPINO LINE DANCING!

Ahem, anyway, I got my SAT grades back and well…..I have to do my SATs again.  I hate testing.

That means I have to put writing on hold again!  Major bummer!


16 March 2009

WOOHOO!  I am done with SATs!!!!!!!!  I didn’t feel like I was going to cry, that’s a good sign!

I am half-way done with outlining the Tale of the End of my Tales of Whithith series.  I am going to push out a book in three weeks!  Wish me luck!

I’ve been working really hard with school and things without paying much heed to my desire to write.  I feel terrible, so I am thrilled that I can write again.  I guess that people don’t know how much they love things until they are gone.  I realized, I NEED writing to keep sane!


25 February 2009

Oh sweet goodness!

I actually have a little time to blog!  As I said, writing is kinda kaput for now, but once SATs are over, I will be back regurally!  YAY!  I have been thinking about characters and things for my other book series that I have been thinking about writing for the longest time, and it has nothing to do with Whithith! 

Thanks for reading, have a great week!


21 February 2009

Hey readers!

I haven’t posted in a while!  I have school and homework and SAT homework and studies that I need to take care of.  This is translated to no writing for the next three weeks! (This is most frustrating!)

Guess what is happenning in three weeks?  SAT!

So, that means that I won’t be online for the next three weeks.  If I am online, it is by a miracle!  So don’t expect to hear from me again until after the evil four hours!

I’ll be studying late every night!  Bring on the coffee!

(I hope you enjoy my copious useage of exclamation points.)


12 February 2009


It has been forever since I posted!  I have been busy with school and things….I did manage to write a bit, but I have been getting away from that crazy endeavor of writing 300 years.  It is necessary for the next series, but I think that I will hold off on that for a while.  I have a more realistic fiction, but with some crazy fantasy elements that I am dyeing (spelling?) to write.  As of right now, I am in the middle of six projects:  the Chronicles, the next Whithith series, the fusion series, school, SAT prep, and beginning the college application process.  Can you spell stress?

Anywho…..life is pretty sweet so far.  I mean I have my ups and downs.  It stinks being a Gemini sometimes, but I am pretty much cool with myself.  I have my class ring…..it is big…..To tell you guys the truth, I don’t know if I really belong with the kids that I have to be in class with.  Some of them are great, but I don’t make any lasting friendships.  It is always about school.  It makes me feel ackward and disconnected.  If any of you need any inspiration from a kid that is currently in the system for something with high school.  Please e-mail me.  I will try my best to help, just be clear who you are, why you are writing and stuff.  I don’t want to delete you guys!

Thanks for reading!