14 April 2011


Reading the Theater book I mentioned gave me so many ideas (well, two…) for play writing. Unfortunately, I have three weeks until the semester ends. I have three weeks until I am free from the bounds of paper writing and test-taking. I have three weeks until I am free to write uninhibitedly. I can feel so much joy growing deep inside me. I can feel the euphoria of stories waiting to burst inside me. It’s almost time. It’s almost time.

On another note, (great transition into music, huh?) I wrote two more songs. They are in 4.4…for some reason, all my songs are in 4.4. It’s curious, I find that my music is rather consistent in style and is very much like Tim Rice and Elton John.

What endeavors are you going for or planning on working on?

Ariel Ceylan


9 April 2011

I am doing so much! I’m notating my lyrics and I picked up this book, The Essentials of Theater (Edition 7) and it is such a fascinating read! I recommend it for anyone who would like to write plays.

Keep positive and keep on writing.

Ariel Ceylan