Leafy Death

This is something I came up with from a writing prompt from 1,000 Creative Writing Prompts by Cohen. Read it in your best noire voice!


It was that time of the year again. Time, I’m always running out of time and now it is my time. I remember when I was just budding, the liquid of life coursing through me. Then I expanded, I grew in the sun and the warmth of summer. Not long ago, I felt it deep within me, I’m running out of time. I thought I imagined the cooling of the weather. But the more I thought about it, the more I felt it. It started with the liquid of life; it started to trickle instead of course. I felt myself get brittle, I no longer can perform photosynthesis. My sides are changing colors: purple, red, and brown. It’s not my imagination any more. I can feel it. It’s coming! Great ATP, it’s here! My death! I feel that I am barely holding AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!


6 July 2011

An update! (zomg i am alive!)
1) I wrote 4 songs today!
2) I have a writing prompt for you. I saw a mailman this afternoon in the hot sun who stood over a free-form mail box (you know, one of those blue ones that are open to the public to use). He rubbed his face which held pain. What was he thinking about?

Thanks for checking in!

Ariel Ceylan

Writing Prompt One

Hey guys!

Try this prompt:

Open with the first line of a song

Write prose in the middle

End with the last line (or as close to last as you can get) of another song.

Here’s what I’ve come up with:
Crawling in my skin, these wounds, they will not heal…It was that time again. They had come back for me. They were going to try to awaken that…that monster inside me. He knows they’re trying to release him and so he is thrashing about inside. You might be wondering who He is. He…is…this person, I invented, I created Him to protect me from people who were trying to break me. I made Him as a safety net, a protection as I watch my purple sky fly over me. He was good then, but then I started telling Him about the situation, who was in it and why those people were hurting me. He helped me, He saved me, He revolted against those people, He took over, and that’s when They found me. They wanted His power. At first, He was on my side and resisted, but there was one time after the beatings, and the drugging, the starvation, and the raping when they pulled Him out of me and He changed his mind. He wanted to be separate from me and they promised him his own body, as long as He could break free from me and lock me up for good. I won’t let Him, He’s my creation, Return to me salvation.

Opening Song: Crawling by Linkin Park
Middle Song: Whisper by Evanescence
End Songs: Tourniquet by Evanescence

Keep positive and keep on writing.
Ariel Ceylan