Tales of Whithith

The Tales of Whithith is a high fantasy series that I came up with in 6th grade (yup, 6 years ago).

The book that I have in the series that is currently in print is called The Tales of Whithith: The Assignment, which is the first book in “The Quartet of Middles”. (Naturally I have more plot ideas that I’m not writing right now, but this is just for identification.) You can find my first book here. It has an excerpt and a basic overview of the story. However, I shall write a general overview here as well.

The Tales of Whithith: The Assignment has two main characters, Zephyr and Zili who practically live in two different worlds. Zephyr is a Sorcerer-in-Training and has lived in Sorcerer’s Tower his entire life and when he was given an assignment by his teacher as a way to bridge to the next level, he had to leave Sorcerer’s Tower and see the real world. He has to interview different beings to glean information to answer three questions that are based on the mythology of the world he lives in, Whithith. Little does he know that small events open eyes to see beyond what he thought was truth…

Zili also is an inhabitant of Whithith, however, her eyes have been opened for a long time, at least for the majority of the truth. She knows that there are different worlds, ones that are easy to access, namely because she has been to those places before. Zili is a warrior and a Gazer, she knows that disaster will strike the worlds very soon, she doesn’t want that to happen, so she is trying to build together a group to help her with her task although she has had no luck thus far, she still has one more location, one more opportunity to foster emotion of the inhabitants of Whithith.

The second book that is in print is The Tales of Whithith: The Power of a Vision. Zili has successfully formed her band and is training them for their visit to the worlds. Zili knows that one of the worlds is dangerous and that if her band is unprepared to face the dangers that will attack, she will be left without anyone that will want to save the worlds.

Meanwhile, Zephyr’s friends return from their assignments. They are the first to arrive, so Lady Amelia charges The Quartet with the task of planning and executing the graduation ceremony. The ceremony will not just be another stripe added to the Magic Childrens’ sleeves. They will officially become Adults, respected members of society once the ceremony is complete and they become Sorcerers. It is quite an exciting time for Zephyr.

If you’re intrigued, please don’t hesitate to check out the sub pages or e-mail me (found on bio page).


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