Elves were wandering beings, that were the watchers and protectors of the world.

After decades, the Elves divided on what it was they wanted to protect.  The ones that felt closer to logic, organization, and conformity believed in protecting plants and eating only meat.  The Elves that enjoyed individuality, freedom, and instinct believed in eating whatever they want and protecting animals.

The Elves had their civil dissent, and when it was over, the Elves that were for animals left.  They went to the southern world of Erling and became known as the Dark Elves to outsiders, but called themselves the Wild Elves.

The Elves that preferred logic remained in the Vidya Mountain Chain and with the aid of Vidya, found a legal territory to reside.

I ask you, are they really that different that they would have to divide themselves into different “species”?


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