Subelementalites are of the oldest creatures in the history of the worlds.  They were the first creations of the Sentient Beings.  The Subelementalites were created only as the four.  They are not immortal, but they have the capacity to live for eons.  The four Subelementalites are named thus:  Vesta, Kaelin, Dustin, and Makani.  The first two are female and are the Spirits of Fire and Water.  The second two are male and are the Spirits of Earth and Air.  These Spirits were given the opportunity to create their own domain by the Sentient Beings.

Subelementalites were the creators of Whithith and were the original rulers of Whithith, until the Unruly Ones, a group of dissenters, overthrew the four Subelementalites.  The four were sent to Zabruazenth, a vanishing mountain that appears only when the three suns are in its zenith over the middle of the River Farr.

Zili (Main Character in my quartet) knows that the four Subelementalites are not on Zabruazenth.  They are back on Whithith, right before chaos is about to ensue.  The question is, will they want to help the beings of their world or not?


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