The Founding of Sorcerer’s Tower

The Elementalist was marching along the Vidya Mountain Chain.  It was right after the battles and the peace-making of Vidya, the wise healer.  The land was newly divided amongst the three beings that were fighting there, the Dwarves, Elves, and Sorcerers.  They came up with the Treaty of Three to maintain peace and balance in the mountain chain.

The Sorcerers were given the land to the east, by the water.  So, the Elementalist, being the strongest of the Sorcerers decided that they should have a singular home for all.  He and his fellow Sorcerers drew up a plan of the long, tall tower that became the abode of the beings.

Within a month, these Sorcerers conjured a building that was fifty stories high and had all kinds of animals printed on its outer walls.  It was truly a magnificent piece.  Pleased with their work, the Elementalist hung a plaque in the foyer of the room, that he secretly had the Dwarves make for the occasion to surprise his kindred.  They were please that the plaque had the year of completion, a memory of the founding of the institution.  However, they did not notice that their names were not on the plaque, only his, the Elementalist.

Now, only the name of that one Sorcerer is known as the Founder of Sorcerer’s Tower, the building shrouded in snow on a green mountain.


2 thoughts on “The Founding of Sorcerer’s Tower

  1. I have a friend who is immersed in the same genre as you. He as you have a wonderful way with words. If you don’t mind, I am going to lead him to your sight. He is a wonderful writer, but at times lets life get in his way of his passion. His name is Kyle. I like what I read here and want to see more.

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