The Warrior of Rast’s Beginning

Rast was turned into one of the three suns that shine over Whithith.  Rast was a town that was in Rin, the North lands of Whithith.  One of the people that was in the sun was curious as to the lives of those below him.  From watching, he learned warring arts and one impressive spell that allowed him to escape the sky prison.  He landed near the River Farr.

He walked along its banks and saw two shining pieces.  They were two knives.  They were unnamed, but they were beautiful, for a warrior.  They were designed perfectly for a warrior.  From his observance, no one claimed them, so he did.  He dubbed the two pieces Accuracy and Precision.

Along the river, he found himself aiding those that asked for help, and he discovered that he could use his body as an instrament to protect others.  When those that he helped asked for his name or where he came from, he could never remember his name. He told them simply that he came from Rast.  So the people titled him  the Warrior of Rast.


One thought on “The Warrior of Rast’s Beginning

  1. The Warrior of Rast is the most famous hero in Whithith. He is the most self-less, the most kind, the most patient, and the most confident.

    The Subelementalites had considered making him a bearer of the Amulet of Arslania, but their fear of betrayal prevented them from bestowing such an honor upon the warrior.

    The Warrior of Rast eventually fell in love, married and had children. Accuracy and Precision are the family’s heirlooms, but that kind of knowledge comes with a price. In every generation, the secret of the descendants of the Warrior of Rast must be kept, to honor the great hero’s memory. There must be no fanfare for his line, only equal treatment as any other human.

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