Okay here is the deal with Amulets.  They usually are made to promote something in the wearer or protection.  These magics have drawbacks because of what it offers the wearer.  Although the amulets do not take over the wearer, they change the wearer’s personality a bit, depending on what it does.  However, it depends on the person to allow it to have any affects on him or her.

Shape of the Amulet:

Oblong–Promotes focus

Triangle–promotes strength

Diamond–promotes a sense of freedom

Circle–promotes protection against foes

There can be additions to these Amulets.  These are the seven major ones.

Diamonds–promotes strength

Ruby–promotes emotional freedom

Emerald–promotes wisdom

Opal–promotes courage

Sapphire–promotes spirituality

Tanzanite–promotes passion

Citrine–promotes intuition

The being also has the opportunity to have an inscription in the amulet.

  • These inscriptions are usually in the language of the one for whom it was made.
  • The point of the amulet is for the wearer to focus on something.

So that’s the deal with amulets.  If I come up with anything else, (which I probably won’t) I’ll update.

Thanks guys.



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