Magic Childrens’ Titles

Magic Children have titles that are representatives of their education level.  There are ten levels that they have.

Level One:  This one is titled Novice.  This is mainly for those that are ranging in age from newborn to thirteen.  Their education is all about identification of Magic and its history.

Level Two:  This is titled Intermediates for ages fourteen to seventeen.  Their education comprises of protection.  There also is a continuation of Novice training.

Level Three:  This is labeled Witch.  These eighteen to twenty-year-olds study the History of Whithith.

Level Four: Level Four is equivalent to High Witch.  They learn Basic Elemental Magic.  This level is generally for those ages twenty-one to twenty-three.

Level Five:  The other title for this is Sorcerer-in-Training.  There is specific Elemental Magic education based on the Magic Childrens’ abilities and grades.  It is mainly for those that are twenty-four to twenty-eight.

Level Six: Another title for this is Sorcerer.  The Sorcerers get to choose other Elemental Magics to study, just specific Magics, not whole courses soup to nuts, but specific studies.  (Like studying Genetics, which is a part of Biology.)  This is open to those from twenty-nine to thirty-two.

These next levels are more liberal than the late six.  The Magic Children can achieve these in any order, however, no one has completed all of these educations before the age of thirty-five because there is WAY too much knowledge to be learned for anyone to accelerate his or her education.

Level Seven:  Magic Children Level Seven are Teachers.  They usually teach the Novices up to High Witches.  The Teachers also have the option of adding another Elemental discipline.  Few stopped at this level because many Magic Children realized that it is not their calling to instruct.  For some Magic Children, the dissatisfaction of working with the younger generations trumps the liberty of choosing another Magic.

Level Eight:  This level is named Enforcer.  They are the unseen members of the Magic Children.  It is mandatory for them to undergo vigorous Magic training as well as undertake a new Magic discipline.

Level Nine:  This is titled Mage for the extreme few that make it to this level.  There are Four Mages that run Sorcerer’s Tower, however, their title is life-long and it is not equivalent with their rank.  The few that academically make this level are inducted into other, ancient Magic that requires spiritual examination and assistance from otherworldly Magic Children that have already passed on.  Since their knowledge is so old and so few Magic Children need to be contacted in the World of the Dead so they can teach.  In the time that there were many Mages, they were not on the side of righteousness, so their punishment is to have no rest.

Level Ten:  The highest rank that a Magic Child can attain is that of Wizard.  Fewer in number than the Mages, the last Wizard that existed according to Sorcerer history, was hte founder of Sorcerer’s Tower, known only by the title, The Elementalist.


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