Sorcerer Courses

However, once the Sorcerers-in-Training move up to Level Six, he or she has the freedom to choose another element to learn. It could be a specialized division of an element or general learning. Some particular studies overlapped in various elements because they were such borderline studies that they had to be approved to integrate the classes. They are: Sandstorm Manipulation, Moon Manipulation, Waterspout Dancing, Storm Creation, Magma Creation, and Sky Dancing.

Sandstorm Manipulation is the delicate balance between Earth and Air Magic. This particular form conjures Sandstorms as well as directs them.

Moon Manipulation is the use of the Moon, its distance and its effects on living creatures and the water. This is used for Air Magic because, at night, the Sorcerers are undeniably more tuned towards the air than the day.

Waterspout Dancing is another Water and Air Magic affiliation because the two elements are used to create and control waterspouts.

Magma Creation is the power of creating molten liquids out of anything and being able to control it. Magma Creation is a discipline that Earth and Fire Magic share because it is a study of undeniable heat that issues from the earth.

Sky Dancing is similar to Storm Creation, but it is much less violent and is available to Air and Water Magic Children.

Storm Creation is the art form of creating and controlling all forms of sky storms. Storm Creation also is the only discipline that three Magics study: Water, Air, and Fire.

For Earth Magic, Sorcerers could study any of the following: Metal Movement, Platonic Shifting, Earthquake Forming, Magma Creation, and Sandstorm Manipulation. Metal Movement is the art form of making metal move as well as change forms under the Sorcerer’s will. Platonic Shifting is a kind of dance that literally moves the earth and changes its shape. Earthquake Forming is a more advanced form of Platonic Shifting that allows the Sorcerer to create earthquakes.

Extra educations of air are: Moon Manipulation, Sandstorm Manipulation, Waterspout Dancing, Storm Creation, and Cyclone Singing. Cyclone Singing is a Sorcerer’s tool to create cyclones using the voice.

The specialized studies of fire are: Sun Manipulation, Storm Creation, and Magma Creation. Sun Manipulation is to control the amount of heat on Whithith by means of the sun.

The specific water learning are: Tidal Wave Manipulation, Moon Manipulation, Waterspout Dancing, Storm Creation, and Sky Dancing. Tidal Wave Manipulation is to manipulate and create massive waves.


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