Whithith is a world made of other worlds.  It is converged.  The world in the north is called Rin.  It is of water/ice.  The world in the south is called Erling.  It is fire.  East is Knotan, the world of Air.  West is Yarr, the world of Earth.

These four worlds were created by beings called Subelementalites.  They were created by the Sentient Beings.  These Subelementalites represent the four elements and they created their own territories.

They decided to converge their worlds.  In doing so, they created a mountain chain and a land that was not a part of their original territories.

The description is pretty vague, I know, but if I tell you guys anything else, then I would be going into my story, and hope you guys understand that I can’t do that, you know, copywrites… all that fun (emphasize on sarcasm) stuff.

Lots of Love.



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