I made a few videos about writing.

This first one is called The Antagonist. Sorry about the low quality video…my webcam is not the best. Enjoy the content.


(surprise, surprise.)
You can’t talk about the bad guy without talking about the good guy, otherwise, they get jealous….even though they’ll never admit it…


Escaping the BORING Middle
Gadzooks! Why does the BORING MIDDLE always happen? Here are some ideas to make your middle not drag on (you hafta’ make it more relevant to the plot than before!)


1D, 2D, and 3D Characters
There’s such a thing?!?! This is a term that I’ve come up with to describe characters’ development levels.


Good, Evil, and Writing
Discussion of the concept of good and evil and how this concept influences one’s writing.


Wisdom, Experience….And Writing!
Are all old people wise? Can young people be wise? What makes someone wise? Find out more!


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