27 October 2009

Among preparing for the scariest holiday of the year, wrapping up the first quarter of school, and marketing. I find that there is little time to write.

However when I do, I focus completely on what I am doing. I find that it helps so much because I actually get to write. I know it sounds weird, but it is amazing how much I can get done without multitasking.

Also, I like so share a bit of my work with my friends, the close friends that I can trust. They give me awesome advice, you know if I am not telling all the juicy details or what to scrap.

Thanks for reading.


19 October 2009

Hi there, hello there, how are you?

Halloween is just around the corner and teachers are feeling it too! This means for me, little homework to do! Oh yeah! I rhymed!

So, here’s the deal-e-o. I managed to get half an hour of writing in today! Isn’t that grand!

Also, two people bought my book! YAY! No onto marketing strategies. Do I have any? Yes, is it working yet, nope, but I still have hope.

Thanks for checking in!

6 October 2009

Hi there,

It seems that I am too busy to come over here, but that is not the case! I found time today to post a little something! Right now, I am writing a ton of press releases to various newspapers and online PR sites (OpenPR, Clickpress, Pressbox…..).

That’s my report so far.

I’ll keep ya posted.