Zili is par Wild Elf and human, she also was a Gazer.  She is a warrior and the Keeper of the Amulet of Arslania.  A tragic event occurred and she was forced to endure a form of punishment from the Subelementalites.

The Subelementalites liked her, so they gave her the Amulet of Arslania as well as training so she could become strong enough to protect the ancient piece.

After a few years, she returned to Whithith and she befriended the Wild Elves.  From there, a human warrior, Einar, trianed her and took her accross Whithith.  She developed Gray Wolf of Six Blades, her warrior persona.  Soon, the two parted ways and Zili recieved a vision of chaos.  She felt an urge to protect the worlds, so she is on a self-created quest to create an army, a watching group, to monitor the status of the worlds to prevent anything bad to happen to the worlds.  No world destruction please.

Here is Zili:

Zili's Pic


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