30 December 2008


Sorry it took me forever to post.  As a response to opheliarising, whom I am glad suggested to write a quintet, I can’t.  I am writing the fourth book right now and it is such a perfect wrap-up from my outline, that if I write anything else with the series is rather strange.  It feels like something extra that just came out, ya know?  Thanks for the idea though.

Writing wise, I have been avoiding still, but I have a feeling that I will be getting little sleep tonight.  I have suddenly decided to finish the book before the new year begins!  Wish me luck!

For the new year, I want to get published and do well on standardized testing for college.  So, I am getting info on book publishers, working on finishing editing my first manuscript.

Thanks for reading.



26 December 2008

Hey everybody,

Today, I did little writing.  I am about two paragraphs from Zephyr’s emotional climax/eppiphany.  Other than that I was playing Guild Wars Nightfall as a Dervish.  I also spent some hours at the nursing home doing service.  I hope that I can write more and quickly, but I doubt that that will happen.  I have homework and service to do.  I don’t know when I will post next, hopefully tomorrow.  Keep posted.


24 December 2008

Today I was unable to write, not because of writer’s block, but because of the wait to get my hair attended to at the salon.  I was literally in there all day, I just came home an hour ago.  I had some time to edit, but I couldn’t even do a lot of that because the drier baked my brains!  I can’t think!  I have a hunger headache and everything.  I won’t blog tomorrow, it is Christmas…maybe I’ll get back to you guys on the 26th, if I finish most of my homework.  I probably will be on the falling action by then.  I just have to keep focused and positive.

If you checked out my pictures, tell me what you think.


23 December 2008


I wrote three chapters today!  I am thrilled, but I am so upset!  I am practically two chapters away from the climax which means that I am about half-way done with my fourth book of my quartet! NNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don’t wanna leave my characters!  (Imagine a teenager who is normaly extremely composed in a crying fit because she gets emotionally attached.) I have been with them for four books!  I know so much about them!  They are such good friends!  I don’t wanna say goodbye!  I know that I am going to chronicle some of them, but it just won’t be the same.  There will be books that are solely about what happens to the characters after this quartet.  I’m gunna miss having all of them play a part in one story.  It is so sad.

Ok, I am back now.

I guess that I know how it feels to be a parent and being unable to let their kids leave to go to college or summer camp.

(Folds hands together.)  For more pressing news, I was unable to upload my pictures here on wordpress.  However, it is on my Flickr, which I just made an account with today.  Here is the address, and take a look at some of the Characters. (Took insanely long to upload.)

Thanks for hearing me rant and rave about character attachment.


22 December 2008

Hello Everybody,

Today was extremely long!  I was helping my mom wrap presents.  (I am on Christmas Break!  Huzzah!)  That means that I spent about ten minutes writing.  It was not in vain!  I got to a good spot, the character, Inaya, also likes logic, and her behavior is logical, so tomorrow when I write, or tonight if I have time, I will be able to continue with the steam and energy that I had today.  Which rocks!

Tomorrow I should have some pictures of my drawings of characters! (I did not set up my scanner properly and I am too lazy to fix it.)  Check out my Characters page because I have my two main characters up!

Happy Holidays everyone!


21 December 2008

Hello everybody,

Today was a really good day.  I wrote to chapters!  (The rest of the day I was wrapping my mom’s presents for Christmas, but it’s all good!)  Things are going really well and there is not going to be timeskip, scene, timeskip, scene!  I am absolutely, positively thrilled!  I am glad with the way the story is going, but I am saddened by the fact that is is the last of the quartet.  Which I have to give a specific title to…….I am not good at coming up with titles.  It is usually something that I come up with randomly and it sticks.  So I’ll be waiting around for that random idea.  Enjoy the holidays and the New Year!